Name: May Dove

Branch: Lucian

Looks: Long blonde hair, hazel eyes, usually wears a black t-shirt, with skinny jeans,

Age: 14


May was born as the daughter of two highly active, and rich Lucian spies. They taught her that nothing was more important than getting all 39 Clues (and looking the richest, and the best looking). Her best friend, another Lucian, was killed by the Madrigals, and May swore revenge. She works solo. She aims to get all 39 Clues, so she can eliminate all Madrigals, creating a world that no one could be hurt.


  • She is skilled with poison mixing.
  • She is very good at espionage.
  • She is skilled at cracking codes.
  • She is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, despite not being a Tomas.