I looked around the landscape of a lake in a rocky wooded area. Most people would have said it was "beautiful", but I didn't have time for beautiful.

I saw Ian and Natalie Kabra hiking along. Natalie looked on the brink of tears. All she had was a few dirt streaks on her designer jeans. Softie Lucians were easy to defeat. Looks like I was in for an easy time.

But it got easier. A bug picked up the words, "How could we have fallen for those... those... peasants' trick!" It was Natalie, the little princess.

"Yes, yes, I know." Her brother speaking now. "But we've got to pull ourselves back into this."

"But... where? Please somewhere with good shopping! These pants are ruined!" Miss Priss again.

"I say the nearest Lucian stronghold. St. Petersburg."

"Fine. Hmmph."

I shook myself. A trip wasted. There was no clue there. But at least I got to see Natalie Kabra explode. A faint smile crept up my lips.

I had one last lead left. Next stop, Paris.

Next: Paris

Jerry - Folow the LeaderEdit

Previously: Fort Knox

I sat in the tree. I was monitoring the Ekat agent, Hale Pendragon. Apparently he had followed the Kabras and I had followed him. So there we were. Kyrgyzstan. Looking for the fictional ‘Lake Tash’. At least the Kabras had. Now Natalie was complaining about her pants. Really, Natalie? I rolled my eyes. A little radio that was lying in my lap was intercepting the sounds from Hale’s bug. I could hear the Kabras perfectly.

After a while, Hale got up and stealthily crept to the nearby road. I waited and then followed. I could see a black driving off. A green van was waiting by the road. I jumped in. The driver peeked at the person in the back seat.

Charles smiled, “Happy to see me?”

“Hey, Charlie,” I said, smiling.

The car went off, following Hale’s car.