Name: Jerry Theodore Mason

Branch: Janus

Looks: Tan-ish, jet black hair, tall, often has skinned knees, usually wears jeans, and almost always wears a leather jacket and a black or white T-shirt.

Age: 23


Jerry's dad was a very sucsessful clue hunter and got very close to assembling all of the clues before he was killed by the madrigals. His father's obsession with the clues pushed Jerry away from his father and led to Jerry's trust issues. Jerry's mom was a non-Cahill that disapeared from all records shortly after Jerry was born. Jerry decided that nothing was more imortant than keeping the other branches from getting all thirty nine clues. His best friend and clue hunting companion's name is Charles King. Other than that, not much else is known about Jerry.


  • He knows many different codes
  • He is very athletic
  • He is kind of good at parkour
  • He can mimic almost anyone
  • He can play 4 instruments (piano, guitar, flute,and violin)


He doesn't like to talk about his past. He likes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and stuff about aliens. He has trust issues but will save someone if they are in need. Despite having trust issues with most people he knows that he can trust Charles and he seems to be the only one that knows Charles' branch (besides Charles).


All of Jerry's family (that is seen so far)-

  • Dad- Janus- deceased killed by madrigals because he got to close to assembling the clues
  • Mom- Non-Cahill- presumed deceased- she dissapeared from all records after Jerry was born
  • The Cahill Family- He feels that they can't be trusted and doesn't quite like the other clue hunters though he'll be fine with SHORT alliances unless they do something like save his life then a long alliance might be in order.