As I walk away from Independence Hall, I feel a buzzing in my pocket. A text, from an ally. I scan the screen, and race to the nearest airport.

5 hours later, I stride into the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. I see Chris waiting in the shadows, and he fills me in. We have been allies ever since we learned of the Clues and have searched the corners of the globe in search of them. He shows me an old map leading straight into the jungle. As we hike into the jungle, Chris begins to get unnerved, but I retain my cool, even when we see a skeleton after several hours' hike. I examine it's pockets and find a Lucian ID. Serves those Lucians right. I hear a movement and see the texter, a Tomas named Jake. We had formed an uneasy alliance to find the clue, until I was called away for the funeral. But now I have a bargining chip: the Independence Hall clue. He shows us a small cave near a small waterfall and the contents of a large chest.

My code decoding skills immediatly go to work when i see the poem.Before Jake even finishes reading the poem, I've decoded the hidden code left by David Livingstone. It was well-coded, especially for a Tomas. One smart Tomas in 500 years. Millions of others dumber than a rock. This is why the Ekats must win. Imagine what those blockheads could do with the serum. Yikes.

I sling my backpack back over my shoulders and start hiking again. Before long I start whispering to Chris what I found, but Jake overhears us and runs on ahead. Chris looks worried, but I pop out my inflatable rubber raft and my mini-engine, and we jut down the river that has been flowing along the trail.