Name: Aaron Sterling

Branch: Ekaterina

Age: 18

Appearance: Slightly wavy light brown hair with a couple green streaks, light skin, tall, as in, like 6" 3', wears t-shirts with the names of his fav bands on the front, and whatever bottoms go with the weather and don't smell so bad he can find off the floor,

Personality: Loves his sister, sometimes needs guidance because he's never had that much, kind of headstrong sometimes, tends to be a talker, totally trustworthy, protective of Adaira, a bit of an easy-going temperment, calm, collected, confident,

Other: Wants to be a Marine Biologist, doesn't care about the hunt, owns a bright blue minivan that he and Adaira paintballed with black paintball pellets, is really good at hacking, and doesn't do it that much (which is how he knows everybody's favorite candies), known for his Grin of Doom, doesn't drink coffee, liked destroying his parents' lab with Adaira as a kid, due to hacking skills, can get all kinds of tickets and such to get where he needs to go all the time, loves Adaira a whole lot, and mostly considers her to be his only family, was out of contact with Adaira for a few years but then went and found all of her stuff when he moved all of his (and her) stuff out of their parents' house, graduated collage,

--HeroineHiding ♪♫ Imaginator ♥ Princess Shadow § Child of the Underworld Ω 21:53, January 8, 2011 (UTC)