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The 39 Clues Roleplay Wiki is a collaborative website that anyone can participate in! The wiki format allows anyone to show their true colors as a Cahill in situations you might actually face in your clue hunt and beyond.

Please, no cursing, innapropriate behavior of any kind, or being mean or rude. Thank you.

NEWS: Alright, we are completely jump starting the wiki and we're going to try and do something new. If you're here to RP, please stay on hold for signing up and so on until we've got it all set up, alright? Thank you!

The Hunt will be difficult...

... But we're in it together! Put yourself in the Cahills' shoes, build a team, and set off for the strongholds and clue locations around the world. Be wary of your enemies...and your friends. You don't know what is safe, you don't know what to do. The only way you will accomplish anything is through trust. But the one thing you need to remember in the contest at all times is:


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